dallasdfw23 said: But I don't wanna be a model I wanna Fuck U "MAMA"

Film is the only way you will do that

cajunboy81 said: Would you like a 10 inch pierced clock in you

Sooner have cock than a clock

It’s what I do

It’s what I do

I support market basket

I support market basket

kinkytaboos said: I've been a huge fan for years and it seems like you just don't age! Stay beautiful, much love!

Thank you for that

jujuhebetumbling said: By chance do you have milf connects in Cali say around San Diego base. For my days off.?

No sorry

alanshotman said: I want you wear a tight yoga pants (no panties) and a tight t-shirt/sports bra when you say goodnight to me. What would you do to get me a hard on?

Sounds like that would do it

hungson-21 said: Thank you very much for reblogging my Christy Mack post. It was a very unfortunate situation and I believe we need to get awareness out there that domestic violence is not okay no matter the person or profession they are in.


skorpionking77 said: Hi, have you got any connections with other MILFs like you, lets say from Sweden were I come from?

No only in the states