justinross92 said: What is your favourite scene to do?

I love to take advantage of men. Tease them into coming. Or work with young nervous male take the lead

sri82 said: Thanks for the replies

Your welcome

sri82 said: Did i ever act in a lesbian scene. Xx

Yes many times

sri82 said: Do u also masturbate or shag


sri82 said: You are on fb too

No not Facebook

sri82 said: You have an awesome structure oo la la

Thank u

sri82 said: If i may ask what is the best thing u enjoy while u have it or enacting a scene

The passion that can come from it and of course good sex hopefully

sri82 said: Worth striking actuallu :)

Lol that’s good

richlj3 said: Have you ever held a contest where you are the prize? For fans maybe?


sri82 said: Can we have a glimpse of ur nipples

Maybe later I will see